Monday, August 13, 2012

This is It...

This is it...the last full week of summer before we have a kindergartener.  On the first "official" day of summer the girls and I made a list of all the things they wanted to do during summer vacation.  It looks like we have a lot to get done this week!   Here's how we've been doing with our summer to-do list:
1. Go Swimming at a Waterpark
Go to a Park
3. Eat Ice Cream on the Deck
4. Play Hide and Seek
5.Play Duck Duck Goose
6. Play Ring Around the Rosey
7. Ride Bike as a Family
8. See Brave at the Movie Theater
9. Go to a Pool
10. Go to the Library
11. Sidewalk Chalk
12. Make a Butterfly Craft
13. Paint our Nails
14. Have a Luau
15. Go to the Zoo
16. Go to Chuck E. Cheese
17. Plant Flowers
18. Make Cupcakes
19. Make Popsicles
20. Mommy/Taylor Date
21. Daddy/Taylor Date
22.Daddy/Kendal Date
23. Mommy/Kendal Date

I think we can knock out 4-6 today since it's rainy.  We haven't made cupcakes, but we made cookies.  Does that count?  We're hoping to go to the zoo this weekend because it will be cooler.  Kendal tried the nail painting on her own.  It was nothing short of a miracle that there was not red nail polish all over the carpet when her big sister let me know what she was up to.  I think I'll pop over to Pinterest now and find a butterfly craft. :) 

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