Saturday, August 4, 2012

Confessions of an Email Hoarder

My name is Kimberly, and I am an email hoarder.  Tonight, I undertook the task of purging a large number of emails from the inbox of my 2nd most important email account.  Let me explain.  I have an account that was my primary account in 2000.  This is now my go-to account for sharing at stores and online when signing up for rewards cards.  I check it once every two weeks.  It ranks lowest in importance.  I created an account in 2005 or 2006 that became my primary account.  It got bumped down a peg when I created a new account about five months ago.  My primary account gained even more relevance when I chose to become a full-time SAHM two months ago and gave up my work email account.  Anyway, back to account number two.  After deleting some emails tonight, I noticed I still had almost 600 emails in my inbox.  That's right SIX HUNDRED.  And...I'd actually opened them all.  They were just sitting there.  What were these gems of messages I'd saved you ask?  Well...about 20 library books due in 3 days notices, 10 failure to deliver messages, advertisements for sales at a variety of stores...the usual must-save junk I never delete.  However, there were some fun "trip down memory lane" emails.  I found an assortment of invitations and itineraries for trips and holiday parties, online proofs from photo shoots for our family, messages and photos from friends before we only shared through Facebook, a welcome letter from my new boss when I landed an awesome job, receipts from toys I ordered online for the girls, and MANY emails from fellow students and instructors during grad school.  The majority of my saved emails were from 2007-2009 when I had an infant, started grad school, and then was pregnant again.  Obviously I didn't have time for frivolous tasks like cleaning up my inbox!  :)  I also tend to save emails relating to school or work until I'm certain I will NEVER need them again.  Truth be told, I had one such grad school email from 2006.  So, now only 16 messages remain in my inbox.  Here's to hoping the hoarding is over and that in 2018 I'm not blogging about a message I still have from 2012!

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